Station Startup/Shutdown Procedure

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This is the startup and shutdown procedure for the HF station.


  1. Turn on monitors and computer.
Alpha 78 Preliminary Tune Up Settings
Freq Bandswitch pos. Tune Load
1.8 1.8 60 40
2.0 1.8 55 45
3.6 3.5 65 30
3.9 3.5 60 35
7.1 7 50 45
14.15 14 16 75
21.20 21 10 82
28.7 28 N/A 90
  1. Plug in Alpha power (yellow cord).
  2. Wait 60 seconds for Alpha to warm up (display turns green, then wait a little more). Make sure blower is working by feeling for airflow from the left rear of the amplifier.
  3. Turn on Astron 12V power supply.
  4. Turn on Flex radio.
  5. Plug patch cable into the antenna and radio you want to use.
  6. Open PowerSDR on computer.
  7. Click start.
  8. Choose the band you want.
  9. Find an open frequency.
  10. Click Tune.
  11. Press tune button on Autotuner.
  12. Turn drive to 0.
  13. Click tune again to disable tune.
  14. Turn tune dial on Alpha to match frequency (see chart).
  15. Turn load dial on Alpha to match frequency (see chart).
  16. Change band dial to the band you are using.
  17. Press CW button on Alpha. It will turn green and stay depressed.
  18. Click Tune on PowerSDR.
  19. Increase drive slider until plate current (on Alpha) is at 0.5A.
  20. Fiddle with dials to get RF power as high as possible without exceeding 150 mA on the grid current or 0.8A on the plate current meter on the Alpha.
  21. Click tune.
  22. Press SSB button on Alpha. SSB button will turn orange and depress, CW button will undepress and turn black.
  23. Press peak button on RF power meter.
  24. Bring drive slider on PowerSDR to below 20.
  25. Blow into microphone. Make sure plate current meter on Alpha does not exceed 0.6A.
  26. Slowly increase drive slider on PowerSDR. Periodically blow into microphone and recheck plate current meter on Alpha. Do not allow plate current on Alpha to exceed 0.6A.
  27. Open N1MM (electronic logging software)


  1. Click stop in upper left hand corner in Power SDR
  2. Push bolth the CQ and SSB buttons on the Alpha, the dials should turn green
  3. Let alpha cool, DO NOT turn off
  4. Close N1MM
  5. Close Power SDR
  6. Turn off Flex Radio
  7. Turn off power supply, Antenna Tuner and rf power meter should turn off
  8. Turn off Alpha
  9. Unplug Alpha
  10. Unplug antennas from equipment at the patch panel
  11. Turn off lights and lock the door as you leave