Repeater Room Server

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The repeater room server is currently a Dell R710 with a single Xeon E5520 and 12 GB of DDR3 ECC ram. The server has two 250GB disks in RAID 1 and a single 250GB disk used for backups. The server runs Proxmox VE, which is a Debian based virtualization environment.

The Proxmox web interface can be accessed by going to The server also has a IDRAC remote access card, which allows you to access the server as if sitting in front of it. It allows you to see what's on the screen, and allows keyboard input. The IDRAC can be accessed by going to (you will need to install Java and add the IDRAC url to the trusted sites list before using the virtual console)

Web Server (VM 101)

IP Address:

OS: Ubuntu Server 16.04

This VM hosts the K2CC website and wiki, both hosted on Apache. The main website runs Wordpress, and the wiki runs Mediawiki. Wordpress will automatically update, but Mediawiki will need to be periodically updated. Instructions can be found here. Port 80 is open so that the website can be accessed off campus.