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The repeater room server is currently a Dell R710 with a single Xeon E5520 and 12 GB of DDR3 ECC ram. The server has two 250GB disks in RAID 1 and a single 250GB disk used for backups. There are 3 PCIe cards; a sound card, serial/parallel card and IRLP interface card. The parallel port on the IRLP interface card is connected to the parallel port on the serial & parallel card. There is also an internal connection on the IRLP interface card which connects to the repeater controller. The audio connections from the repeater controller are connected to the sound card.

The server runs Proxmox VE, which is a Debian based virtualization environment. Backups are scheduled to run at midnight every Saturday.

The Proxmox web interface can be accessed by going to The server also has a IDRAC remote access card, which allows you to access the server as if sitting in front of it. It allows you to see what's on the screen, and allows keyboard input. The IDRAC can be accessed by going to (you will need to install Java and add the IDRAC url to the trusted sites list before using the virtual console). The IDRAC can only be accessed on campus.

IP Addresses

K2CC has been allocated 8 IP addresses for equipment in the repeater room. All IP addresses have a /21 CIDR with a netmask of, and a gateway of Clarkson's two main DNS server are, and

IP Adresses
Address: Use: Webserver None IRLP DMR Repeater None IDRAC Proxmox VM Host APRS Digipeater

Web Server (VM 100)

IP Address:

OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04

This VM hosts the K2CC website and wiki, both hosted on Apache. The main website runs Wordpress, and the wiki runs Mediawiki. Wordpress will automatically update, but Mediawiki will need to be periodically updated. Instructions can be found here. Port 80 is open so that the website can be accessed off campus.

IRLP (VM 101)

IP Address:

OS: Debian 9 i386

This VM provides IRLP for the 2 meter repeater. Be sure to make a backup before upgrading, because if the IRLP certificates are lost we will need to get a new node number!

This VM has the parallel port and sound card passed through to it.

This VM must boot 1st because the IRLP interface board will key the repeater until the OS is started.

This VM's IP address is and DNS name is stn4747.ip.irlp.net

Port 22 (SSH) and the IRLP ports are allowed in the campus firewall. SSH is protected by fail2ban, so if you try an incorrect password 5 times in a row you will be blocked for 60 minutes.

The operating system is Debian 9 "Stretch" and is supported until June 2022.

APRS (VM 103)

IP Address:

OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04

This VM runs an APRS digipeater and internet gateway. More information can be found here (http://www.aprs.net.au/vhf/aprs-digipeaters-101/)

This service is provided by the APRX software package.

The server's onboard serial port is passed through to this VM, and a TNC need to be connected to it.

The operating system is Ubuntu 18.04 and is supported until April 2023.

D-STAR Gateway (VM 104)

IP Address:

OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04

This VM runs a D-STAR gateway.

This service is provided by the ircddbgateway software package.

The D-STAR controller's (Icom RS-RP2C) ethernet port is connected to port 2 on the server. This VM has a second network interface which is used to communicate with the repeater controller through this port.

The operating system is Ubuntu 18.04 and is supported until April 2023.

D-STAR Configuration VM (VM 105)

IP Address: DHCP

OS: Windows 10

This VM is used to configure the RS-RP2C D-STAR repeater controller. It has the RS-RP2C configuration utility installed.

It does not have a fixed IP address.

This VM has a second network interface on the same network as the RS-RP2C controller and the D-STAR gateway VM (physical port 2 on the server).