Repeater Room

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Located on the 4th floor of the science center.


There are 4 antenna available in the repeater room. All of the antennas connect through lightning arrestors mounted on the ground strip. From left to right, the antennas are labeled:

  • "2M/70cm/23cm Half way up"
  • "23CM TOP"
  • "6M/2M/70cm TOP"
  • Last antenna does not have a label, but it appears to be the yagi mounted half way up on the tower.

Analog Repeater

The analog repeater is a Vertex Standard VXR-9000 connected to a Link Communications RLC-2A repeater controller. The repeater is connected to port 1 of the controller. The repeater is connected to the 2M duplexer (4 cans), and then to a CFX-514J triplexer which allows the 2m and 70cm repeaters to share an antenna. The repeater's TX port connects to the port on the bottom right can labeled "TX" and the RX port connects to the can on the bottom left can labeled "R". The triplexer is then connected to the antenna labeled "6M/2M/70cm TOP".


Port 3 of the controller is used for IRLP and is connected to the sound card and IRLP interface of the Dell R710 server. The sound card and parallel port (used to control the IRLP interface) are passed through to the IRLP Virt Machine.

D-STAR Repeater

All 3 D-STAR repeater radios are controlled by the Icom ID-RP2C repeater controller. All of the radio modules are powered by the controller. The controller's ethernet port is connected to port 2 on the back of the Dell R710.

70CM Voice

The 70cm voice repeater is an Icom ID-RP4000V, connected to port 3 of the controller. It is connected to a WP-678-R2 duplexer (4 can, asset tag 2647) and the output of that then goes to the CFX-514J triplexer shared with the analog repeater and the "6M/2M/70cm TOP" antenna.

23CM Voice

The 23cm voice repeater is an Icom ID-RP2V connected to port 4 of the controller. It is connected to a Bird 36-97-07053-A 4 can duplexer. The transmit port is connected to the REJECT HIGH port on the right far side of the duplexer. The receive port is connected to the "REJECT LOW" port on the far left side. The output of this duplexer is connected to the output of the Bird 36-97-07053-A (2 can) duplexer. This is then connected to the "23CM TOP" antenna.

23CM Data

The 23cm data repeater is an Icom ID-RP2D connected to port 1 of the controller. It's antenna output is connected to the REJECT LOW input on the Bird 36-97-07053-A 2 can duplexer. It shares the "23CM TOP" antenna with the voice repeater.

Packet Equipment

Both TNCs use a baud rate of 9600. The radios run at 1200 baud. There is also an unused TAPR TNC-2 with 6PACK firmware.

144.990 radio and TNC

Connected to server serial port ttyS4 (serial expansion board). This is passed through to the flexnet VM and provides an amprnet packet connection.

  • Radio: Kenwood TM-621A
  • TNC: MFJ MFJ-1270B TNC with 6PACK firmware
  • Antenna: Connected to unlabeled antenna

144.390 radio and TNC

144.390 radio and TNC connect to server port ttyS0 (on board serial port). This is passed through to the APRS Virtual Machine, and acts as an APRS iGate and digipeater.

  • Radio: Alinco DR-135
  • Amplifier: Mirage B108
  • TNC MFJ MFJ-1278B (v10) in KISS mode
  • Antenna: Connected to antenna labeled "2M/70cm/23cm Half way up"