Fixed Frequency

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Fixed frequency operations consist of both analog and digital repeater and APRS and other packet radio networks. This equipment is installed at the Science Center Tower providing coverage to St. Lawrence County.

Voice Repeaters


Band Tx Rx PL Notes
6m 53.210 MHz 52.210 MHz 151.4 Off Air, Future Project
2m 146.895 MHz 146.295 MHz 151.4


Band Tx Rx Notes
70cm 443.350 MHz 448.350 MHz DMR

Packet Radio

User Ports

Band Tx Rx Tx Baud Rx Baud Protocol Notes
2m 144.390 MHz 144.390 MHz 1200 bps 1200 bps AX.25 APRS National VHF frequency, Currently off air
2m 144.990 MHz 144.990 MHz 1200 bps 1200 bps AX.25 May change to 145.1 or something... Currently off air


Band Tx Rx Tx Baud Rx Baud Protocol Notes
1.25m 222.170 MHz 222.170 MHz Link to Ogdensburg, Currently off air, change frequency to (222.48/224.08, TX/RX) soon?
1.25m 222.380 MHz 223.980 MHz Link to Malone, Currently off air