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Dayton Hamvention 2010

This page has been created to help plan and coordinate the 2010 trip to Dayton Hamvention
This trip has happened in the past. For the current page please click here.

Trip Report

Last minute travel changes reduced the K2CC group from an expected 10-12 travelers and 2/3 vehicles to 4 members and 1 vehicle. 1 additional member joined us in dayton.


In attendance were: Greg Zenger [N2GZ]; Rosellen Daddario [KC2WQO], Sam Rose [KC2LRC], John Patchett [KB2ERJ] and Steve Arthur [KC2NBS]

Travel To Dayton

N2GZ/Mobile left Syracuse at 0600 Thursday morning with N2GZ, KC2LRC and KC2WQO and picked up KB2ERJ at 0630. Arrival in Dayton was approximately 1630. John and Sam checked into their hotel and then we headed to Hara to pickup our vendor tickets from Tom Medlin [W5KUB]. KC2NBS arrived in Dayton on motorcycle.

Hamvention Vendors Booths


N2GZ: A new APRS enabled dual band HT. Large and bulky. A new HF+6 radio TS-590 available late 2010.


N2GZ: New 1500 Watt HF (1000 Watt 6m) solid state amplifier in an attractive rackmount chasis $7000. Free hats arrived late, but were very attractive.

Flex Radio

N2GZ: A V/U-5000 option was on display, along with PowerSDR 2.0 Many production Flex-1500 were on display, including one interfaced with a 1296MHz DEMI Transverter. Steve and Sandra at DEMI had a Flex-1500 with a 1296MHz Transverter and contacts could be made between the DEMI and FLEX booths. Service manuals for Flex-3000 is in the works, as is for the Flex-1500. A representative of Flex Radio Systems indicated that the service manuals will be released approximately 1 year after the release of the product to protect the company’s IP. If specific details are needed before the release of the service manual, the hardware support team can disclose information as necessary. I asked about the possibility of using the Flex 1500 without the amplifier module to reduce the bulk and weight (application, 10/24GHz portable microwave stations) A Flex Radio Systems representative explained that the PA board includes power filtering as well as a few other circuits that are necessary for proper operation. The Flex Radio team has indicated that they have discussed offering a ‘lite’ version of the Flex-1500 that does not include the 5 watt PA, but no decision has been made. The cost of the PA board is not the bulk of the cost of the unit, and removing it from the package would only reduce the cost by about $100. The amplifier stage used in the PA board is Class A linear and is ideal for driving amplifiers etc.



N2GZ: Flex Radio Systems talks about the new Flex-1500, and mentions a few features of the new version of PowerSDR which will be rewritten completely from scratch using 100% new code. The name of the project is Deep Impact and will be cross platform. The program will be modular and each module will run in its own process instead of its own thread. Each module will communicate with the other modules via Internet Protocol, which will make interfacing with other software easier, and to allow various custom modules easier to work with, for example custom DSP/Demodulation routines, or GUI modifications. Many Talks about the HPSDR products, particularly the Alex TX/RX filter module. HPSDR info can be found here:




N2GZ: A presentation was given on patch antennas and other antenna structures commonly used in data transmission, including construction techniques and practical uses in amateur radio. Next, Dick Frey, WA2AAU, updated us with some modifications to the 1900MHz PCS amplifiers that he is selling. It is now possible to use the driver stage of the amplifier to drive the final stages of the amplifier with the modifications that Dick has developed to move the first stage of the amplifier to 2304 MHz. A complete amplifier is capable of producing over 70 watts. A third presentation was given on DXCC on the Microwave bands. 1296MHz EME was primarily the frequency and mode of choice and detailed some of the challenges associated with achieving DXCC on 1296MHz.

History of Ham Radio

N2GZ: An interesting and eye-opening history of amateur radio in the United States and a live demonstration of a beautiful spark-gap transmitter.

Dinner Events

Weak Signal Banquet

N2GZ: Rosellen and I attended the Weak Signal Banquet Friday night. Dick, WA2AAU briefed us on our potential Rover trip through Central PA for the June VHF+ Contest. The food was good and after dinner discussions revolved around the recent VHF, UHF, and Microwave sprints, where 6 digit call signs were exchanged and Distance Scoring was used. A poll was taken asking the audience if they felt Distance Scoring should be used in the ARRL contests. A majority voted in favor of Distance Scoring, with few to none opposed. A not insignificant number of attendees abstained from voting until they had more information and/or time to think about how Distance Scoring would change the dynamics of the contest. Door Prizes consisted of a Yaesu FT-857D, several DEMI gift certificates, and a few other items. Rosellen and I returned with a combined total of $150 in DEMI gift certificates.

Youth Dinner

N2GZ: The Youth Dinner was held Saturday Evening at the Golden Corral. The food was good, as was the company. The younger children were given the challenge of finding a way to connect to an IRLP node to work the W0L ("The Spirit of St. Louis" Special Event Station).


N2GZ: DEMI transverter PCB kits for 1296, 2304, and 3456, two 24GHz ½ watt amplifiers, some 7/16 DIN connectors, SMA connectors, 7/8” Heliax hardline, W2DU’s new book: Reflections III, some WR-90 waveguide pieces, 12volt SLA Batteries, and some other odds and ends including a few free items: 26GHz Waveguide filter, and some 18 GHz links and feed horns from KDKA.

KC2LRC: APC Battery Backup, Data Switch.

Travel Home

We stayed for the closing announcements and prize drawings. Nothing was won by anyone in our party. N2GZ tried to negotiate a pair of 48 inch prime focus dishes from a guy out in the flea market who was attempting to find a way to get them on/into his vehicle, along with a DLP television, a scooter, and more junk than any of us believed would ever fit into his Nissan Xterra. We went to Olive Garden for a meal and then returned to Hara to see if the guy would let go of the dishes. No Such luck, and he was in the process of taking every piece of his scooter apart to fit into the vehicle. We left Dayton at approximately 1730 and arrived in Syracuse at 0230.

Trip Plans

Like last year, plans are to meet at Sam, KC2LRC's house in Syracuse, NY, the evening of Wednesday, May 12.

Sam Rose, KC2LRC lives at

We will get on the road EARLY (0630) Thursday morning and drive to Dayton, OH. Travel time is approximately 550 Miles, 8h30m.

What to bring

You should consider bringing the following items:

  • A few changes of clothes (make sure you are smelling fresh before trapping yourself in a car with other living beings)
  • Toiletries
  • Rain jacket and/or umbrella
  • Backpack, Satchel
  • Clipboard, writing pad, pen or pencil
  • Spending Money
  • Snacks, water bottle
  • Communication devices. HT/ portable radio, Cell Phone
  • Chargers (car and/or wall) for radios, cell phons, etc.

Hamvention Attendees

Name Callsign Is Going Has Ticket Has Car In K2CC Caravan Rides With Lodging Paid Contact
Greg Zenger N2GZ Yes Yes Yes Yes N2GZ (Driver) Centerville, OH N/A
Rosellen Daddario KC2WQO Yes Yes Yes Yes N2GZ Centerville, OH N/A
Sam Rose KC2LRC Yes No Yes Van Courtyard Inn Dayton North (w/KB2ERJ) N/A
John Patchett KB2ERJ Yes No Yes Van Courtyard Inn Dayton North (w/KC2LRC) N/A
Steve Arthur KC2NBS yes No No Motorcycle Courtyard Inn Dayton North (w/KC2LRC)
Phil Hart KC2SGA No Yes Yes Van (Driver) Courtyard Marriott, Beavercreek Dayton Yes
Matt Krass KC2RGZ No No Yes Van Courtyard Marriott, Beavercreek Dayton
Rich Metzger KC2WBT No Yes Van?
Jon Bernat KC2WBV No Yes Van?
Andrew Shunick KC2TYD No Yes Van?
Mark McCurry KC2UDS No Yes Van?
Jenniffer Estrada WP4NYQ No Yes Maybe
David Kopp KC2MVV No No Maybe
Troy Rank KC2BZM No Yes Maybe KC2BZM (Driver)
Tyler Conlon KB1HCY No Yes w/ KC2OXM KB1HCY (Driver)
Pat Wilbur KC2OXM No Yes Maybe KC2OXM (Driver)
Shaun Jones KC2WQP No Yes
Garrett Kane KC2WBS No No No No N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ruby Fu KC2WBU No No No No N/A N/A N/A N/A
John Robinson K1JR No No Yes No N/A N/A N/A N/A
Virginia Reed NR2V No No Yes No N/A N/A N/A N/A


Owner Type Seatbelts Comfortably Seats MPG Path Notes
Clarkson Van Lots 6 ??? Potsdam NY -> Syracuse NY -> Dayton OH -> (???) -> Potsdam NY Driver: KC2SGA (and hopefully KC2LRC)
N2GZ Pickup Truck 6 4 (depending on luggage) 18 Groton CT -> Syracuse NY -> Dayton OH -> Syracuse NY -> Groton CT Will be parking at the auto dealership across the road from Hara Arena
KC2SGA 4dr Car 5 4 ? -> Syracuse NY -> Dayton OH -> ? -> ? Tentative Backup Vehicle If no Clarkson Van or Rental
KC2BZM Fairport NY -> Dayton OH -> Fairport NY ? May join caravan near Rochester NY. Details and availability pending.
KB1HCY Morris CT -> Dayton OH -> Morris CT ? Convoy W/ KC2OXM
KC2OXM Jeep Pat-Riot Binghampton NY -> Dayton OH -> Binghampton NY Leave Binghapton On Friday or Thrusday, Return Sunday night or Monday
KC2WQO Blazer 5 4 20 N/A Not driving in caravan
KC2WQP Truck N/A Not driving in caravan

*Where N is a positive integer less than the number if passengers held by the vehicle.


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(H) Hara Conference & Exhibition Center

1001 Shiloh Springs Road
Dayton, Ohio 45415

(A) Courtyard Marriott, Beavercreek Dayton (K2CC Group Buy)

2 Hotel rooms have been reserved for Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights by KC2SGA
2777 Fairfield Common
Beavercreek, Ohio 45431

(B) Courtyard Inn Dayton North (Marriott)

  • Sam Rose, KC2LRC
  • John Patchett, KB2ERJ
7087 Miller Lane
Dayton, Ohio 45414 USA
Phone: 1-937-890-6112

(C) Centerville, OH

  • Greg Zenger, N2GZ
  • Rosellen Daddario, KC2WQO

Centerville, OH


Anyone interested in camping should contact KC2SGA or KC2BZM


(P) Salem Mall Parking

Once again free parking will be available behind the Salem Mall and is the easiest way to get to Hamvention. Located at the corner of Shiloh Springs Road and Salem Avenue, which is within 5 minutes of Hara Arena. It is also known as Route 49. Shuttle buses will be running to Hara Arena. If you did not purchase an advance bus pass, bus passes will be available at Salem Mall. Look for a small canopy in the parking lot.

(Q) Paid Parking Locations

There are approximately 6,000 privately owned pay-to-park parking spaces near Hara Arena that are not associated with Hamvention® and are weather-dependent. Most cost between $7-10 per day.

Dayton Hamvention Info

Flea Market / Exhibit Maps

Fleamarket Map
Inside Exhibit Map

Regional Map

Directions to Salem Mall (Free Parking)
Dayton Area 2m Repeater Guide

Inside Exhibit Show Hours

Open Close
Friday 0900 1800
Saturday 0900 1700
Sunday 0900 1300

Path Info

N2GZ - Pickup Truck

Passengers Path Distance Time Day Departs Arrives Notes
N2GZ, KC2WQO Groton CT to Syracuse NY 5h1m 311 Mi Wednesday 1500 2000
N2GZ, KC2WQO, ? Syracuse NY to Centerville OH 8h57m 555 Mi Thursday 0630 1800 With Caravan, Break off at end to reach private destination for dinner w/ my hosts
N2GZ, KC2WQO Centerville OH to Hara 35m 21.1 Mi Fri,Sat, Sun 0650 0730 Sunday Park on Greencroft Dr
N2GZ, KC2WQO Escape Plan to Groton, CT 12h16 772 Mi Sunday 1330 0230 Departure immediately following grand prize drawing.
N2GZ, KC2WQO, ? Centerville > Beavercreek > Hara 50m 36.1 Mi Fri,Sat or Sun 0625 0730 Alternate Route to Pickup up to 4 passengers. Depart Beavercreak 0700 at the latest.