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The K2CC seal should be used on all public fliers and posters. K2CC members are welcome to add the K2CC logo to their QSL card or web page provided it is not stretched, distorted or modified. All material containing the K2CC seal should be presented at a K2CC meeting before being distributed to the public.


When using the K2CC seal, one of the following representations is preferred.


The colors used in the logo are the same colors used by Clarkson University:

Pantone 3305 C=100 M=0 Y=60 K=51 #006554
Pantone 116 C=0 M=15 Y=94 K=0 #FFD520
Pantone Black C=63 M=52 Y=51 K=100 #000000

If the none of the four preferred representations are suitable for a desired application, one of the two black and white designs may be modified in the following ways:

  • The transparent (white) portion of the logo should be the same as the background color of the document.
  • The opaque (black) portion of the logo should have high contrast with the background color and be visually appealing with the other colors used.
  • Proofs must be presented at a K2CC meeting prior to distribution.

The following seals should be used if the opaque and transparent portions must be reversed:

Using these logos ensure that outer band remains balanced.


The primary font used for K2CC is Clarendon. The "2" in K2CC may be stretched 120% to balance it with the other characters, which was done in the seal.