Science Center Tower

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Located atop the Winston Lecture Hall, part of the Cora and Bayard Science Center, the tower is accessible through room SC458. The tower stands 100 feet tall atop the lecture hall, putting the top at 145ft above ground. The tower was constructed in 2000 to replace WTSC's broadcast tower originally located near CAMP.

Tower Equipment

100ft: Diamond X-300 Dual band Amateur Antenna

Use: K2CC 70cm Repeater, 443.350MHz Tx, 448.350m Rx
Feedline: 1/2" CableWave
Type: 2 x 5/8wave (144-148MHz), 5 x 5/8wave (430-450MHz)
Gain: 2m – 6.5dB, 70cm – 9.0dB
Length 3.1m
Radial Length: 0.52m
Wind Rating: 50m/s (no ice)
Power Handling: 200 Watts
Impedance: 50 Ohms
SWR: 1:1.5 or less

100ft: 900MHz Directional Antenna

Use: Original installed by Rob Logan, not currently used.

57ft-100ft: FM Broadcast Antenna

Use: WTSC 91.1 MHz FM Broadcast

97ft: 900MHz Link

Use: WTSC 944.500 MHz Aural Studio Transmitter Link


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