Repeater Room

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Located on the 4th floor of the science center. The Repeater Room Server is hosted here.


There are 2 antennas available in the repeater room. All of the antennas connect through lightning arrestors mounted on the ground strip. From left to right, the antennas are labeled:

  • "2M/70cm/23cm Half way up" This antenna is a Comet GP-98 Tri-Band antenna. Currently (September 2018) this antenna is damaged and cannot be used for transmitting.
  • "6M/2M/70cm TOP" This antenna was a Comet GP-15 Tri-Band antenna. It is no longer installed.
  • Last antenna does not have a label, but it appears to be the 220 Mhz yagi mounted half way up on the tower.

Analog Repeater

The analog repeater is a Vertex Standard VXR-9000 connected to a Link Communications RLC-2A repeater controller. The repeater is connected to port 1 of the controller. The repeater is connected to the 2M duplexer (4 cans). The receive side of the duplexer is connected to the antenna labeled "2m/70cm/23cm Half Way Up" and the transmit side of the duplexer is connected to a mag-mount antenna on top of the repeater cabinet.


Port 3 of the controller is used for IRLP and is connected to the sound card and IRLP interface of the Dell R710 server. The sound card and parallel port (used to control the IRLP interface) are passed through to the IRLP virtual machine.

Packet Equipment

Both TNCs use a baud rate of 9600. The radios run at 1200 baud. There is also an unused TAPR TNC-2 with 6PACK firmware.

144.390 radio and TNC

144.390 radio and TNC connect to server port ttyS0 (on board serial port). This is passed through to the APRS Virtual Machine, and acts as an APRS iGate and digipeater. There is currently no antenna for this equipment, so it is off air.

  • Radio: Alinco DR-135
  • TNC MFJ MFJ-1278B (v10) in KISS mode
  • Antenna: None