QSL Manager

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This project is no longer being worked on

Over time K2CC has collected quite a few QSL cards. In their current state they are collected in a few physical locations and are rather unorganized. This could change if they were placed into a database. Once in this database it should be easy to find contacts who have sent QSL cards or search QSL cards with preset terms.

Goals of Project

  • Scan all QSL cards front and back
  • Extract text from the cards
  • Have a java servelet frontend to label and view the cards


  • Code has begun
  • Tables for database have been determined
  • Interface has been started
  • QSL cards have been physically sorted (N2GZ)
  • QSL card scanning has begun (N2GZ)

Used Tools

  • Tomcat
  • Java Servlets
  • jmagick/imagemagick