Portable Tower

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The portable Tower is a concept that became a reality in June 2009.
It is used during Field Day with NCARC.
A wood base is used to support 2 10' sections of aluminum tower.


The wood pieces are marked with white spray paint. The tower pieces are Universal Tower 11-TOP, and 11-STRT. (datasheets are in this document: http://www.universaltowers.com/pdf/standard_models/25-model-04-70.pdf)

NOTE: Always use high quality Star Headed Deck Screws to prevent stripping so that they can be be easily removed when the tower needs to be taken down.

Parts needed: Star headed Deck Screws, U Bolts, Mast, bolts for tower sections


Note: when antennas are installed on the tower, a minimum of 4 people are needed to raise or lower the tower.

Future Upgrades

Counter weight Pieces to slide into the bottom of the tower to enable the tower to be raised or lowered by only 1 or 2 persons.


Wood, Tower, and guy wires are stored on Lower Moore House Roof.