Moore House roof

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This information was for when the club was based in Moore House. The equipment has since been moved to Graham Hall.

Moore House has three roof sections. Facing the front of the building the NW roof is on your left and the SE roof is on your right. These roofs are 3 stories tall, roughly 30 feet. The lower, 1 story roof is roughly 10 feet above the ground.

Roof Access

The NW and SE roofs are accessed via the main stair well. The ENG44 key will unlock the padlock, and the hatch will push upwards. The lower roof is accessible through the 2nd floor custodial lounge in the NW wing. Key EA88 will open the lounge.

NW Roof

Satellite Tower

The satellite tower will be mounted to the NW wing of the building. The tower will pivot to make maintenance easier. The tower is ### feet tall. At the top of the tower, ### feet above the ground, are the 2m and 70cm circularly polarized beams.

Weak Signal Tower

The weak signal tower 2 Mast sections

Lower Roof

One of the Harris tuners is located under the SE eave of the Moore Lounge.

SE Roof

HF Tower

The HF tower is mounted to the SE wing of the building. The tower pivots and is counter weighted for easy lowering. When the tower is lowered, the HF beam clears the far side of the building. On the side of the tower a 1.25m ringo and 2 6m magnetic loop antennas will be mounted.

Omni Tower

A 10 foot mast section is used to hold a 4 element 70cm collinear array, and a 2m Ringo antenna. A Harris tuner may be installed on the tower and feed a HF loop.