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Lead: Justin Bennett (KC2QVY) Other Members: Pat Wilbur (KC2OXM), Greg Zenger (N2GZ), Jacob Torrey (KB1OTE), others

Portable Tower

Lead: Greg Zenger (N2GZ) (Class of '09) Other Members: Sam Rose (KC2LRC), Phil Hart (KC2SGA), Rosellen Daddario (KC2WQO), others Status: Completed June 2009. Tower is used for Field Day and other operating events.

Member Projects

The Pat Riot

Lead: Pat Wilbur (KC2OXM) Other Members: Greg Zenger (KC2RPC), Justin Bennett (KC2QVY), John Robinson (KB1DVO)

Packet Storm

Lead: Jacob Torrey

QSL Manager

Lead: Mark McCurry