K2CC Repeater

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The K2CC 2m Repeater is: On Air

The K2CC DMR Repeater is: Off Air

Public Repeater Operation

2 Meter: 146.895 MHz

The K2CC 2 meter (VHF) repeater has an output frequency of 146.895 MHz, with a -0.6 MHz offset. It requires a CTCSS tone of 151.4 Hz. The 2 meter repeater supports IRLP and is node 4747.

This repeater is linked to the East Coast Reflector by default. It can be disconnected from this reflector by dialing 73. The repeater will reconnect after 3 hours.

70 Centimeter DMR: 443.3500+ Mhz

The 70 centimeter DMR repeater is currently off air.


The K2CC Repeaters are located on the Science Center Tower at Clarkson University. Its location is shown on the map below.

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Repeater Administration

Control Commands

IRLP is supported on the 2m repeater. To connect to another node, dial its number on a DTMF keypad. To disconnect dial "73". The K2CC repeater's node number is 4747.

2m Equipment


Link Communications RLC-2. The programming manual can be found here.

2m Port

The repeater is a Vertex Standard VXR-9000, bought in spring 2013 through alumni donations.

The 2m transmitter/receiver was previously a modified GE Mastr II.

IRLP Controller

The IRLP controller is a Dell R710 server with an IRLP v3 interface board, sound card and parallel card.