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Icom ID-1

Radio Model: ID-1

Maker: Icom

Operating bands:

  • 23cm

Extra features:

  • Supports D-Star voice and data
  • Supports analog FM voice
  • Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • 10w output

Icom ID-1

The ID-1 is Icom's 23cm (1.2GHz) radio. It supports both the Digital Voice and Digital Data (128K) D-Star modes. The radio can be operated without the faceplate, and can be controlled with Icom's control software.

Control Software for ID-1

The software (provided free) installs under windows. The software also works under Linux by using Wine.
The ID-1 interfaces with the computer using an internal USB-RS232 converter. This can make things difficult when trying to get the Control Software to talk to the radio when using a Linux operating system. We are currently working on a solution that will allow the operation of the ID-1 under Linux.

RC-24 Remote Controller Unit

When not attached to a computer, the ID-1 can be controlled by using the RC-24 Remote Controller Unit. This is the faceplate that comes standard with the ID-1. Because it is often desirable to place the radio closer to the antenna, one might wish to separate the RC-24 from the ID-1 with a length of Cat5 cable. We plan to experiment with the longest usable run that still maintains functionality and audio quality.