Graham Hall Roof

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Roof Access

The roof is accessible through the maintenance closet on the second floor of SAS.

Roof Training

All K2CC members who want to work on the roof are required to take roof training.


HF Tower

The HF tower is mounted in the center of the roof. The tower is collapsible, and an electric winch is used to raise or lower it. The A3WS and X9 HF beams and their rotor are mounted at the top of the tower, and the 20, 40 and 80m dipole center insulators are mounted about halfway up. A Yaesu G-1000SDX antenna rotor is used for the HF beams. There is also a weatherproof box at the base of the tower, which is used as a termination point for the coax and rotator control cable from the clubhouse.

HF Vertical

The HF vertical, a Hustler 4BTV is mounted on the east side of the roof.

2m Antenna

The 2m ground plane antenna is mounted on the yellow safety barrier.

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