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Dayton Hamvention 2011

This page has been created to help plan and coordinate the 2011 trip to Dayton Hamvention
For information regarding past Dayton Trips, Please Click Here. Dayton2010

Dates (2011)

Travel: May 19
Hamvention: May 20, 21, 22
Travel Home: May 22+

Hamvention Attendees

Name Callsign Is Going Has Ticket Has Car In K2CC Caravan Rides With Lodging Paid for Lodging Contact
Greg Zenger N2GZ Yes Yes Yes N2GZ (Driver) Centerville, OH N/A
John Robinson K1JR Yes
Sam Rose KC2LRC Yes
Rosellen Daddario KC2WQO
Steve Arthur KC2NBS
Phil Hart KC2SGA
Andrew Shunick KC2TYD
Troy Rank KC2BZM
Tyler Conlon KB1HCY
Pat Wilbur KC2OXM