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The SPEED Radio Team meets every Monday at 8:00PM in the K2CC Station, Moore House basement.


  • Setup and Maintain the D-Star Repeater
  • Develop applications that integrate with D-Star
  • Train members to use the D-Star System
  • Connect the 5 county hospitals to the D-Star system

D-Star Repeater

The SPEED team maintains and operates a D-Star Repeater system. The frequencies are

Digital Data (128kbps):

Port 1, 23cm: 1298.000MHz

Digital Voice

Port 4, 23cm: 1284.000MHz (-12MHz input)


The Icom ID-RP2C is the repeater controller for the D-Star System. It supports 4 Repeater modules, and 2 microwave links, plus the addition of a Gateway Server.


The repeater controller acts as a distribution for the other Icom repeater modules. Each repeater module connects to the Power Connectors on the rear of the RP2C.
The four RJ-45 style jacks on the rear of the RP2C are for connecting to the local repeater modules. connection from left to right:
Port 1:DD-A ID-RP2D
Port 2:DV-C Not Used
Port 3:DV-B Not Used
Port 4:DV-A ID-RP2V


The repeater controller is programmed by connecting a computer to the 10 Base-T. On the computer, run the Utility for ID-RP2C.
Login info:
IP Address:
UDP Port #: 20319
Password: a2mRingo

The Repeater is configured in D:V:V:V mode.


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