K2CC operates both FM and DMR repeaters.  The repeater frequencies are:

  • 146.895- Mixed Mode (DMR and FM) PL 151.4, CC1
  • 443.350+ DMR CC1

Our repeaters are located in Graham Hall, which is on the Clarkson University campus.

The 2 meter repeater operates in mixed mode with DMR and FM. Both modes use Narrowband (12.5 kHz) bandwidth. The repeater is in FM mode by default, and transmitting DMR will switch it to DMR mode. The repeater is connected to the Brandmeister DMR network on both timeslots. In FM mode, it is also connected to the East Coast Reflector (IRLP node 9050).

The 70 cm repeater operates in DMR only mode connected to the Brandmeister network on both timeslots. Both repeaters operate with dynamic talkgroups on all timeslots. When a user keys up on a talkgroup, the repeater will connect to it automatically and stay connected for 15 minutes after the last local transmission.

A listing of all the available Brandmeister talkgroups is available here.

The K2CC club repeaters are open to all.